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Clean India’ mission

India is the youngest country in the world, India’s population
A large part of the youth is the same. If young people have the right guidance
If they can become carriers of positive changes in society. center
The government has launched an ambitious ‘Clean India’ mission and its positive
The results are visible. Indore to get free from open defecation
Rural youth have played an important role. Now these youngsters waste
Management must do so for all the parameters on the Clean India Mission
The goal to achieve before 2019 October 2. These thoughts
Directorate of Field Publicity by Nehru Yuva Kendra (Di.afkpi) and young
Held in collaboration with the Board of awareness Simrol Clean India Mission Village, Water
Conservation, environment and mission in the Youth Parliament held on rainbow
The speakers expressed. Simrol sarpanch Dinesh Sinvadia program
Was the chief guest. Mr. Manohar Lal Yadav, senior social workers program
presided over. Di.afkpik Director Madhukar Pawar, assistant director of Keynote
Were. Head of the youth in the program, Mr. Rupesh Waghmare Menmdi and District Youth
Coordinator Mrs. youth of nearby villages, including star Pargi
Participated in the program.

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