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Foundation is somewhat of a magic for your face. From hiding your dark spots and blemishes to providing the perfect base for your face-makeup, However, not many of us know how to ace the application of foundation. If this has been worrying you all along, we’re here to show you how you can transform your skin with foundation.




The first step the perfect foundation application, is to find that perfect shade for your skin tone. To do that, just put some foundation on your face and neck and check to see that it blends in until it disappears completely.

White Intense Skin Cover Foundation that works wonders for Indian skin tones. This one acts as the perfect canvas for your face-makeup as its ultra-light, water-based and even oil free.that’ll keep your skin guarded against harmful UV rays and also give you glowing complexion.








Moisturise your skin with the right cream so the foundation glides on smootlhy.


Put some quantity of the foundation on your hand and use a brush/sponge for application.


Take some of the foundation on to the brush and apply it gently on your face and neck.


Leave it for about 15-20 seconds as you have to let it settle down and then move on to applying compact and other makeup.

the foundation trick and are ready to flaunt the gorgeous you!

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