speed governors in public service vehicles is imposed by March 31.

Khandwa, March 4, 2017 – In compliance with the directives of Madhya Pradesh Shasn educational vehicle and speed governors in public service vehicles is imposed by March 31. All just Wahnswami and directed the educational institutions Wahnswamion th deadline set its bus speed governor fitted immediately, otherwise Pshchat of March 31, 2017 operated vehicle will be given permits and Fitness automatically terminated. Month intensive investigation in 2017 by launching a campaign against all such vehicles shall be the legal proceedings shall be confiscated and vehicles. The vehicle motion control device inevitably be construed sure. Javen was also taken care of the vehicle speed control device 126 Central Motor Vehicles Rules Automotive Research Association of India authorized under the Central Institute of Road Technology, International Centre for Automotive Technology and Vehicle Research & Development Isteblismend one institution by a certified, has not been verified.

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