The positions will serve our lecturers

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission for Social Justice and PWD for Welfare of Handicapped, Dehradun bone lecturer 4 posts, 9 posts of lecturer and lecturer Visually Handicapped, Dehradun Hearing Handicapped, Dehradun to fill the 11 posts have been advertised. Online applications for the posts March 16, 2017 April 15 by 2017 will be submitted through the MP. Wide advertising and job creation newspaper March 6, 2017 will be published in the issue of the Commission’s website and Dhrdhrdhrr Dhrdhrdhrrkthrdradradmdkdutdktd. Thrdradradmdkddrithr available.
MP online application on the applicant’s authorized kiosks can collect the fee paid in cash. Applicant credit card / debit card, net banking as well as fees paid by sitting at home can submit online application.

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